The Delaware Certification Board is an organization which offers voluntary state-level credentialing to alcohol and other drug abuse professionals.  The Board, compromised of certified professionals throughout the state, implements standards and testing for certification of addiction professionals.

Mission Statement

DCB is a private, non-profit corporation that establishes, safeguards, and monitors certification standards for professionals in the substance abuse and other behavioral health fields.  It advocates for quality, comprehensive substance abuse and other behavioral health services in Delaware and on an international level. 

DCB shall pursue this mission by: 

               Developing standards and credentialing processes; 
               Maintaining ethical standards and procedures for consumer protection; 
               Lobbying, advocating, and representing to governmental groups; 
               Providing curricula and standards for training and education; 
               Offering other services to providers and professionals.

Licensed Chemical Dependency Professionals Information

The DE Department of State, Division of Professional Regulation offers licensure for chemical dependency professionals.  One of the licensure requirements is to hold a current and valid CADC credential issued by DCB.  For more information on becoming a Licensed Chemical Dependency Professional, click here:

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DCB's Winter 2014 Newsletter

Delaware Council on Gambling Problems 2013-2014 Training Schedule

Tthe current training schedule from the Delaware Council on Gambling Problems can be found here.  Instructions for signing up for these free trainings are included.

These trainings may be used for initial and recertification for CADC, CCDP, CCDP D and CPS.

DCB Launches New Certified Recovery Coach Credential

The Delaware Certification Board (DCB) is pleased to announce the availability of the new Certified Recovery Coach (CRC) credential to begin immediately.  DCB has adopted standards to begin to offer a unique and distinct certification that will recognize the work done by recovering individuals in the community. 

The role of the CRC reflects a collaborative and strengths-based approach, with the primary goal being to assist individuals in achieving sustained recovery from addiction.  CRCs will not be clinicians; they will serve in a supportive role within the community and/or within a treatment setting.  Services provided by the CRC become a permanent critical component of the continuum of care services that will substantially improve an individual’s ability to sustain recovery/wellness.  The primary function of the CRC is to help individuals gain access to needed resources in the community by assisting them in overcoming barriers and helping them bridge gaps between their needs and available resources.   

The CRC credential identified four domains or core areas of competence.  Within each domain are task, knowledge and skill statements that further define the role of the Certified Recovery Peer Mentor.  The four domains are Advocacy, Mentoring/Education, Recovery/Wellness Support and Ethical Responsibility. 

Standards can be found in the CRC Application.



The Delaware Certification Board is pleased to announce new distance learning approved education for our professionals.  We are working hard to initiate and maintain a robust and diverse calendar of educational opportunities for all professionals seeking certification in Delaware.  In the coming months we will be working to increase approved educational offerings in a variety of ways including: facilitated online trainings, in-person trainings, and more distance learning opportunities.  Please check the website for updates!  All education can be found here.

DCB is happy to annouce the FIT Program: Focus on Integrated Treatment.  Click the image for more details. 


The Delaware Certification Board (DCB) Presents Workshop on the Certification Process 

The DE Certification Board will provide a free workshop on the certification process in agencies with staff of 10 or more.  This informative workshop will consist of an overview of all credentials offered by DCB.  Time will be allotted for questions and answers and materials will be distributed to attendees.  To schedule your free 1 ˝ hour workshop on the certification process, contact Mary Jo Mather, DCB Executive Director, at 717-540-4456 extension 103 or email to

Effective 1-1-09, revised Substance Abuse Facility Licensing Standards from the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.

DCB is a proud member of IC&RC, which protects the public by establishing standards and facilitating reciprocity for the credentialing of addiction-related professionals.  The largest organization of its kind, IC&RC represents more than 40,000 professionals worldwide.